February Meat Box


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With a cold snap or two forecast for February, we’ve selected a great mix of sustainable cuts to help you keep you warm this month. Our February Meat Box is packed with all you need to make warming casseroles, curries and a good old English breakfast or two, and features our Shoulder of Pork boned and rolled.

Our February Meat Box contains:

1 x Shoulder of Pork Boned and Rolled (1.0KG)

1 x Pack Beef Braising Steak (500G)

1 x Pack Diced Beef (500G)

4 free range Chicken Thighs (600G)

6 Pork Sausages

12 rashers of Back Bacon (500G)



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Thursday 28th February*

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Our February Meat Box is packed with our best sellers to give you a great range of cuts to cook delicious meals at home. All our meat is from animals that have been reared on small, family-run Dorset and Wiltshire farms that have been purely grass-fed on lush, natural pastures, or outdoor reared. Grass-fed beef and lamb has a better ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, is high in antioxidants such as vitamin E and contains higher vitamin and mineral levels.

Eating meat from animals that themselves have only eaten a natural diet of grass, wildflowers, clovers and legumes, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and untainted by chemicals and pesticides, makes a whole lot of sense. It’s a healthy choice to make.

We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you – producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely.

What our customers say

“Some of the best Beef I have ever tasted! Top quality customer service, and top quality meat.”


“The best quality meat that I’ve ever experienced and that’s coming from an avid meat fan! I’ve shopped around extensively and cannot find a better value source of grass fed beef in the UK.”


“Just WOW !!! The meat is top quality and great delivery service.”


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